FedEx Route Sale Reviews

Due to ISP implementation, I decided to sell my routes with 3 other contractors. I hired Miriam Liang to sell my FedEx routes after two months of unsuccessful listing with another broker.

She was able to properly evaluate our routes and package them together to present to investors. It was very complicated package, it is a listing with 4 different sellers. We received an offer with her on the second week of listing. While we accepted the offer, she worked behind the scenes to get back up offers. By the time we are about to close on the deal, she successfully obtained 2 backup offers for our package deal.

We closed the deal on time and received our fund. I would highly recommend her to help other contractors sell their FedEx routes. In fact, I recommended 3 other owners within the station already.

Being a former FedEx contractor herself, she is knowledgeable about FedEx. She coordinates with buyer and walk them through the entire process.
K. Joseph

I hired Miriam Liang to help sell my FedEx routes I owned for 13 years. She was recommended by my other colleague at FedEx Ground. She is professional, she takes confidentiality seriously. She redacted all my personal information before sending them out to prospects.

I really appreciate that. She was able to keep everything confidential until the day of transfer. She coordinates with buyer and walk them through the entire transfer process. From listing to close, she completed in about 2 months.

-C. Brown

Listing my Florida FedEx routes with you was the right thing to do. That Sunday when I was thinking of selling my routes, I was thinking how hard it would be to find someone that can get the job done. After leaving you a message to call me, your response was fast. When you called me back I started the interview with you answering my questions for almost 1 hour.

I Learned in that process your vast knowledge and experience in the buying and selling of FedEx routes. You told me it would take 4 to 6 months for the process to be completed. You told me you had a list of buyers, your list of buyers was bigger than I thought.

Miriam Liang, YOU and We Sell Routes was the answer to selling my FedEx routes in 4 months. You did everything exactly like you said you would from that 1st original phone call on Sunday. Your professional conduct was perfect.

If I ever want to buy any FedEx routes I know who to call.
Thank You for everything you did.


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent job that you did to assist me in selling my FedEx routes. As you know, I was concerned about any business broker’s ability to sell routes without employees and other contractors in my station knowing about it. My concern was that employees always fear the worst whenever a company is up for sale. Typically, they make decisions about the new owners based on rumors or just fear of the unknown. When I asked you about your ability to do this, you assured me that it could be done. You kept your word. My routes were sold successfully without employees or anyone else knowing they were up for sale. The new owner is now in place and the transition of employees wen very smoothly. I was able yo announce to the team that I was selling my routes and retiring and the next day I was able to introduce them to the new owners, It was done exactly the way I wanted it to happen and I have to thank you for that.

In addition to you ability to maintain secrecy, I really appreciate your cheerful attitude and positive outlook on every situation. Selling routes is a very complicated process. Your guidance and advice was extremely valuable. I believe that your experience as a FedEx contractors gave you a wealth of knowledge that sets you apart from other business brokers selling FedEx Routes.You were able to answer questions and provide information to prospective buyers without my direct involvement. I really believe that other business brokers would not have been able to field those questions and provide accurate answers. This would have resulted in more conference calls with me to explain the business. I think that is a huge advantage that you have over other FedEx Route Brokers.

Lastly, I have to complement you on your 24 x 7 work ethic. You would answer emails and text messages after business hours. Even on weekends, important communication never stopped. This made me feel comfortable that we were taking advantage of every opportunity to finalize the sale of the routes. Even when we had an offer on the table, you continued to field additional possible buyers to obtain the best offer.

I will be sure to recommend you to other FedEx contractors that are looking to sell there FedEx Routes in the future. I can do that with full confidence that they will be as pleased with the work you do as I was.

You were a pleasure to work with!


Joe D.

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