Schedule of ISP agreement transition

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Schedule of ISP agreement transition

Here are the details FedEx has given for the tentative ISP Agreement transition:
The tentative schedule of ISP Agreement transitions, by district, is below. The schedule is subject to change based on market or regulatory needs, and will be updated on as necessary, with any changes communicated accordingly.
Districts are grouped by their transition start date, which is the district-specific date that each district begins its transition. The transition start date will fall either between January and May or between June and December. Specific start dates will be communicated prior to each district’s transition.
As a reminder, transition incentives become available only on or after a district’s official start date, and not before.
Each transition will have its own district-specific timeline, with transitions typically taking between 9-24 months to complete. During the November and December months of Peak, all transition activity ceases.


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