What is a CSA?

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What is a CSA?

​Unlike Primary Service Areas within which businesses provide service under the terms of an Operating Agreement, a Contracted Service Area, or CSA, is a generally larger geographic area within which a business under an ISP Agreement agrees to provide service and manage all aspects of pickup and delivery.

​For transition purposes, a CSA comprises any combination of Ground and/or Home Delivery PSAs that operate out of a single station – current or planned – as long as the new CSA meets station-specific “minimum transition scale” guidelines.

A “single station,” as referenced above, can be a FedEx Ground station, a Home Delivery station, or a FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery co-location that are either current or planned stations. Certain stand-alone Ground and Home Delivery stations in close proximity to one another, generally with overlapping service areas, may also be considered co-locations for the purposes of this transition. These close locations will be referred to as “designated close-locations” and will be identified as each district’s transition gets underway

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